Women's Only Mental Wellbeing Programme


A programme for women that focuses on developing strategies for achieving and maintaining good mental wellbeing.

Each workshop will focus on a specific topic related to mental health. The sessions are an opportunity to explore and develop a greater understanding of each issue, develop effective and healthy strategies for maintaining good mental wellbeing, and how to access further support if you need it.

Self-esteem | Tuesday 6 February, 4-5pm, H025, Treforest Campus

This foundational workshop will help participants develop a positive self-image and cultivate healthy self-worth. It will set the stage for exploring other related topics.

Body Image | Tuesday 13 February, 5-6pm, H025, Treforest Campus

This session will delve into societal pressures, media influences, and strategies for developing a healthy body image. By building self-esteem first, participants will be better equipped to explore and address body image issues.

Stress Management | Thursday 22 February, 2-3pm, G408, Treforest Campus

Stress affects mental health significantly, so providing tools and techniques to manage stress can empower participants in their overall wellbeing. This workshop will cover stress reduction strategies, relaxation techniques, and coping mechanisms.

Anxiety | Thursday 27 February, 2-3pm, H025, Treforest Campus

Anxiety often coexists with stress and can have a significant impact on mental health. Participants will learn about anxiety disorders, coping skills, mindfulness practices, and cognitive-behavioural techniques to manage and reduce anxiety.

Depression | Tuesday 5 March, 1-2pm, H025, Treforest Campus

This session will provide an understanding of depression, its symptoms, and available treatments. Participants will learn about self-care practices, building support networks, and seeking professional help when needed.

How to register

You can book on to individual sessions or take part in all five workshops by completing the online form.

*Please note these sessions are for individuals who identify as a woman.

Further support

The Wellbeing Service runs a range of events, multi-session courses and regular group meetings with a focus on creating connections, forging friendships and improving your wellbeing

We also offer a range of practical support in a confidential, professional setting. Wellbeing Advice Appointments are 45-minutes long and are available on campus (face to face), by telephone, and Microsoft Teams, and can be booked via Advice Zone Online.

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