Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness Week 2024

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Sexual Abuse & Sexual Violence Awareness Week (5 – 11 February) is the UK’s national week dedicated to raising awareness of sexual violence and abuse. It is an opportunity to promote healthy discussions and shine a spotlight on what is normally a hidden subject.

Consent for Students Course

In this course developed by Brook, you’ll learn about the legal and ethical obligations around consent, what can affect a person’s ability to consent, and what to do if you or a friend experiences harassment or violence.

Take the time to ensure you understand how to get and give consent in the Consent for Students course, available on Blackboard.

Advice and Support

Report + Support: the online reporting tool

Everyone at the University of South Wales has the right to feel safe and supported. Report + Support is a tool that you can use to report issues of unacceptable behaviour and seek support to understand your options.

Visit the Report + Support site and familiarise yourself with the support available. You can access Report + Support in English and Welsh and it doesn’t require any login credentials.

Dignity at Study Advisers

The University has trained members of staff to act as Dignity at Study Advisers for any students who have experienced bullying or harassment. Dignity at Study Advisers will be your main point of contact once you have reported any instance of bulling or harassment, and they will listen to your concerns in a non-judgmental way.

Join the conversation

Being open to conversations around sexual abuse and violence can help those in need feel encouraged to find support. Join the conversation using the hashtag #ITSNOTOK.

Additional resources

There are services that can help if you or someone you know has experienced sexual violence or abuse.

The Wellbeing Service provide a safe and confidential space to discuss incidents of harm and can refer you to specialist support. 45-minute Wellbeing Advice appointments are available and can be booked through Advice Zone Online.

There are also lots of organisations, websites and helplines that offer specialist care. Find more information on the Self-Help Resources page.

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