Looking After Your Wellbeing

Looking after your wellbeing eng

Our mental health changes all the time and it depends on many things. You may be feeling the effects of the changing weather, be stressed from managing workloads or missing loved ones. It’s normal to feel like this and many of those around you will be feeling the same way.

Support is available – whether that’s attending a workshop, joining a webinar or accessing student support services.

Wellbeing Events

The Wellbeing Service has organised a variety of events that will help students address and overcome common pitfalls during their time at university and develop strategies that can be used every day to improve their wellbeing and mental health.

CAREfest  |  Friday 19th November, 11.00am – 3.00pm, Stilts, Treforest Campus

Welcome to CAREfest 2021 – an event centred on student safety and safeguarding. Visit stalls from South Wales Police, South Wales Fire & Rescue Service, USW Equality & Diversity, USW Accommodation, USW Health, and the Students’ Union. Students can learn about the services available to them whilst at university, how to manage their safety and how to report incidents of harm.

All those who attend will receive a £5.00 Stilts food voucher by scanning the QR code on entry. You will have the chance to enter a competition to win one of 10x Amazon vouchers worth £30.00. For every stand that you visit, you will improve your chances of winning. For more details, check here. 

Understanding and Responding to Suicidal Ideation
(online)  |  Friday 19th November, 2.00pm

To coincide with International Men’s Day, this workshop delivered by Charlie Waller Trust will offer an insight into the causes of suicidal ideation and suicide and aims to offer reassurance and support. This is an opportunity to learn, ask questions and gain some insight in a safe and supportive environment. Register your place.

Mindfulness Workshop
(online) |  Tuesday 23rd November, 10.30am - 12.00pm  

Mindfulness aims to help people become more self-aware, feel calmer and less stressed and more able to cope with difficult thoughts. This interactive session will introduce the principles and practice of mindfulness and includes four short, seated meditations. Find out more and book your place

Managing Stress 4-week Course
(online|  various dates

Stress can affect how we feel, think, behave and how our bodies work. This online course will explore the definition of stress along with the causes, signs, and symptoms. It will also examine strategies and practical techniques, which can be used to better understand and manage stress. Find out more and book your place.

State of Mind Workshops
(online)  |  various dates

The State of Mind programme is for anyone aged 16 – 25 years who may be experiencing challenges with their mental and emotional health. Together, the programme, project and team facilitate young people to improve their wellbeing and develop skills for leading a successful life. The State of Mind programme runs for 10 weeks with each session focussing on a different topic. Find out more and book your place.

Chance to Chat
(Treforest Campus) | launching January 2022

Chance to Chat is an opportunity for students to come together and get to know each other to improve their social wellbeing. Hosted on Treforest campus, students will have the freedom to discuss mental health and wellbeing with other students and a mental health mentor in a safe and supportive space. Please note, Chance to Chat will launch in January 2022. Register your interest here.

Awareness Days

Awareness days create conversations around important topics that might otherwise be difficult to discuss and by joining these conversations, you can help spread awareness and show support. Find out about awareness days, lend your support to some worthwhile causes and make some changes to improve your own health and wellbeing.

Additional Resources

Starting university can bring great change and adjusting to university life can take time. Even if it is exciting, change is not always easy to cope with. The Wellbeing Service provide a variety of tools, resources and events that can help students improve their wellbeing and mental health. The following articles provide further information and guidance on adapting to university life:

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