New Wellbeing website launches


It's 2019 already and time for our new Wellbeing Service website...

We've switched to a new website making system and at the same time we've re-organised our content. We're trying to make the site easier to navigate and the pages clearer and more useful.

The Wellbeing Service's main web address is now and our other pages have changed or moved and they all have new web addresses, so you might need to update bookmarks.

The Wellbeing Service includes the Counselling Service, the Mental Health Service and the Health Service, and they all have updated sites too.

We now have a shared news feed across these four sites, so that news that appears on one will usually appear across all four.

If you can't find something or you'd like to make a comment or suggesion about the new site(s) please email

The UniLife Team and the Wellbeing Service.

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