Mental Health

Mental Health Service


Service changes due to Coronavirus 

No face-to-face support appointments are available until further notice.

30 Minute Wellbeing Advice Telephone and Skype appointments are available and can be booked  via Advice Zone Online.  Please include your mobile number or Skype address in the notes section of the online booking form. You should always keep your contact details up to date in case the University needs to contact you.

Please note, submitting a Request for Support Form is not required when requesting a 30 minute appointment.

Additional Support

There are a selection of online resources to help you stay connected, healthy and engaged.

Practical Support for Mental Health Issues

The Mental Health Service helps students who are experiencing mental or emotional distress. We offer a range of practical support in a confidential, professional setting. If you are currently experiencing mental health problems it is a good idea to seek help as soon as possible. Don’t be afraid to reach out.

In addition to supporting students directly we aim to promote an understanding and acceptance of mental health and of psychological and emotional wellbeing throughout the University, and we are responsible for USW's Student Mental Health Policy.