Wellbeing Advice Appointments

Whether you think you know the kind of support you need, or you're unsure what help is available, you must book a Wellbeing Advice Appointment to access the Wellbeing Service. 

Wellbeing Advice Appointments provide you with an opportunity to be listened to, to talk through any challenges and make choices that are right for you. These appointments provide non-judgemental, non-clinical advice and extra support. 

One advice appointment may well be enough for you but if the adviser believes you would benefit from further support then additional short term follow up appointments may be scheduled. They may also connect you to other services that provide specific support internally and externally such as counselling or specialist mentors. 

Wellbeing Advice Appointments are 30 minute sessions conducted via telephone or Microsoft Teams. When speaking to your Wellbeing Adviser please confirm if you would like your sessions in Welsh or English.