Mental Wellbeing

As exciting as university can be, we understand it can also come with its challenges. No matter where you are in your university journey, these can feel challenging and overwhelming, and we would like to support you with this. There is a lot of wellbeing and mental health support available, it is the role of our Wellbeing Advisers to  to help find the best support for you. Wellbeing appointments can be booked on Advice Zone Online, and are available on campus, Microsoft teams, and telephone.  

Wellbeing Advisers are here to talk to you about your wellbeing and mental health, it is a confidential service, where the adviser can explore your needs to help develop an understanding of what service or support may be most suitable for you. These could include workshops, short courses, activities, mental health support, and counselling. 

The Mental Wellbeing Service is made up of two teams who are available to support you during your time at university. While both services are able to help you with your mental health, they have different specialisms and different approaches for each person. In order to access these services, your individual needs will be assessed by a Wellbeing Adviser to ensure you are getting the best support.