Mental Health & Counselling

What is the Mental Health & Counselling Service? 

The Mental Health & Counselling service is made up of two teams who are available to support you during your time at university. These are the Counselling Service and the Mental Health Service. While both services are able to help you with your mental health, they have different specialisms and different approaches for each person. In order to determine the wellbeing resource that is best suited to you, you can book a Wellbeing Advice Appointment. 

This appointment is led by a Wellbeing Mentor and is a confidential service for you to explore your needs. The Wellbeing Mentor will then review what services are most suitable for you. This could be a series of follow up wellbeing appointments with the mentor or a referral to another specialist service. Services that a Wellbeing Mentor may refer you to include Disability, Mental Health, Counselling, or any other specialist service.

For more information about what a Wellbeing Advice Appointment involves, check out this interview with Senior Specialist Mentor, Liam John.