Notes may be made during or after your appointment. These notes are stored securely. You have the right to access these notes should you wish.

All Wellbeing staff regularly discuss their work with a Supervisor, an experienced practitioner who supports them and monitors their work. Work is discussed anonymously and your identity is protected. There may be exceptional occasions when information will be shared within the Wellbeing Service regarding clients who are giving cause for concern and who may be supported by more than one Wellbeing Service.

Everything discussed during your consultation will remain confidential to the Service except in the most extreme circumstances.

The circumstances when confidentiality will need to be extended are:

  • When there is risk of serious harm to you or others.
  • When your behaviour is affecting adversely the legal rights of other people.
  • When disclosure is required by law.

Usually in such circumstances Wellbeing Service staff would discuss the situation with you before breaching confidence. If this were not possible, you would be told what information has been disclosed.